Thursday, October 13, 2011

The "Joys" of Motherhood

I hate people who constantly complain about having kids, taking care of said kids, having to do things with/for kids.  I usually try to keep my public whining to a minimum.  But every once in awhile there are those occassions where you just think..."WHAT THE F**K!!!  MY CHILD DID NNNNOOOOTTT JUST DO THAT!?!?"
So from previous blogs I'm sure you are aware we have a very precocious 3 (almost 4-or 25) year old.  She is independent (when she wants to be), intelligent (when she isn't mad at you), and adorable (when she isn't throwing a horrible fit). I know most children are probably like this....but you never really hear people (well most) talk about the ridculous thing their child did.  I could probably write a series on the "Misadventures of Curious Kyla". You know...that's probably actually a really good idea....hmmm, I will have to get back to everyone on that one!

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