Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is it poop...or is it pee??

So sorry to say I have  been wwwaaayyy too busy it seems to write anything. It's not that a lot hasn't happened, it's just that it seems like we are going non-stop!

So Ms. Ky just got over being sick.  The really sick, like didn't eat for 3 days sick.  Poor baby!! Anyway, lucky Aunt Beme (Jon's Sis) got to deal with the first day, Gigi (my mother) got the second day, and I dealt with the last few. 

Side note-Jon and I were at a B&B when this started...more about that later! (and only the pg stuff Nana Cappy)

Oh, forgot to mention...we are REALLY working on the big PT...POTTY TRAINING! So far going pretty great except for this one issue...Kyla has had for quite some time a problem with holding #2! So needless to say, let the skid marks begin..I know disgusting! But so far that's A LOT of being a MOM!! back to the story! Kyla was on her potty and I was feeding Jaxon (I nurse, so no just easy putting him down real quick and checking out the situation mind you) and she stood up and said "MOOOOMM, I'm done!"  Alright sweetheart, let me put this away real quick....

Next thing I hear a toot...followed by...a water (or pee hopefully)

"Is it pee or is it poop Kyla??"...."I don't know mom."...."WELL LOOK...PEE OR POOP???"...."Umm, well it's somefin!"

No I won't hold you in daughter just for real sharted!! All over the toilet and the floor and her pants!!

No one ever really told me just how shitty of a job being a mom can be sometimes....ah, well good thing I love these little monkeys so darn much.... :)

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