Saturday, January 8, 2011

What will now be know as "The Sharpie Incident"

Life for us on the weekends isn't exactly what it used to be.  I remeber the times when we used to go out with friends (and each other).  With two kids...a 3 year old and a 4 month old...staying at home has become the norm.  Trust me, I'm totally fine with it! Most weekends we just hang out and try to find things for our daughter to do so she stays entertained, this weekend I decided that some much needed cleaning was in my future.  Now Kyla is usually pretty good about playing by herself in her bedroom..on occasion she just needs to time to herself.  Thinking this was what was happening Jon and I enjoyed some relative quiet in the living room. Hahaha, I think most parents know where this is going...   Anyway, she come out with her doll that is pretty much the same size as her..missing it's clothes...and an arm.  What ya doing with that Kyla and where is her arm?  "I took it off" was her cool reply as she grabbed a wipe and headed toward my bedroom.  We generally allow her to play in there since it has the only other tv in it.  A few minutes go by and she comes back for another wipe...Now wait a minute kid, those cost money...what do you need it for anyway? As I walk into my room I'm thinking please tell me she didn't have food in here...That's when I see it, PURPLE Sharpie across one wall...KYLA!!!!! I didn't even know that I OWNED a purple sharpie!! Take her for timeout in her room....MORE PURPLE SHARPIE on the wall!!  Where the heck did this come from??? When I go to pick up the doll I hear something rattle inside it...My darling daughter has invented a genius hiding space for carrying forbidden objects around the house...pop an arm off the doll and voila! perfect place to hide 2 pens and da da da da...a purple sharpie.  Ugh, now to clean it......does anyone have a magic eraser I can borrow?

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